Programs & Activities

There’s Much to Enjoy at St. Columban's on the Lake

Like any happy home, St. Columban’s on the Lake strives to provide our residents with a nurturing environment, and that requires far more than food, shelter and assistance with living. At our facility, you will find numerous programs and activities designed to nourish our residents’ mind, body and spirit, so that they welcome each new day with refreshed enthusiasm.

Programs for Wholeness & Wellness

Program development is an ongoing mission of the Activities Department at St. Columban’s. We are constantly exploring new ways to engage and stimulate our residents through well-rounded, age-appropriate activities – we’ll work to get everyone involved! In designing a program, we consider how it addresses one of the following needs:

  • Physical Fitness +

    Staying active, both in and out of the home, is made fun and easy by our comprehensive fitness program. Each week, group fitness programs are offered including seated exercise, Zumba Gold, stretching and balance-training sessions. Our supervised fitness room is easily accessible and boasts easy to use exercise equipment. Many residents enjoy the fresh air and sunshine during warm weather months while walking the well-groomed campus.
  • Friendship and Personal Connection +

    All of our residents have led rich and fulfilling lives full of joy, hard work, laughter, sorrow, and success. Engaging social activities like music performances, happy hour, coffee and conversation, cards and games give our residents many opportunities to share life stories, forge new friendships and enjoy delight and laughter with others. On any given day, residents are invited to compete in a friendly (but competitive) game of pinochle, enjoy a moving musical performance, venture off on a day of shopping or try their hand at baking. Our residents especially look forward to playing Wii games, exercising their creative side through arts and crafts, playing bingo and participating in the “As the Pages Turn” book club. Some residents share their own artistic talents and personal interests by hosting social programs for their peers.
  • Lifelong Learning +

    Learning has no age limit. That is why St. Columban’s on the Lake strives to provide opportunities for our residents to gain and share knowledge through learning-based programs that range from guest speakers, cultural-themed documentaries and field trips. Residents also have the chance to be educated on health-related topics such as heart health, proper nutrition, and preventing the spread of cold and flu viruses. Often our residents provide a wealth of knowledge to each other by sharing something new based on a rich lifetime of experience. However learning and cognitive exercises can also be as simple as participating in Book Club or competing in trivia games. Learning something new every day makes everyday exciting.
  • Spiritual & Emotional Support +

    St. Columban’s on the Lake Retirement Home tends to the body, mind and spirit of each resident. Catholic services are offered in the onsite chapel for practicing Catholics and worship services are offered on a regular basis for individuals of other faiths. Guided visualization and mediation sessions are also provided for residents who prefer to practice a different form of spirituality. Aging can introduce unique challenges and changes in life. Coping with major transitions such as moving out of one’s home, losing a spouse or friend or surrendering one’s drivers license are common challenges that seniors experience. That is why we offer formal and informal grief and loss support, case management and referral to outside support from counseling professionals when necessary. Most importantly, our staff and volunteers become like family and are often a strong source of support and friendship.
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St. Columban’s on the Lake is a not-for-profit retirement home where you will find exceptional care, beautiful accommodations, and rates that are surprisingly affordable.

Celebrating 45 Years of Serving our Community

May 1, 1970 - May 1, 2015